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Migration2009 / Peer1

If we were to remain at Peer1 we would still need new hardware. We could instead purchase a single machine and improve services in place.

1. Initial

1.1. New Hardware

'Cost': ~$1700

1.2. Removed Harwdware

Scrap krunk (does it have Ultra320 SCSI drives that could be reused in hopper?), and craigslist/ebay KVM and IPKVM.

1.3. Reassigned Hardware

1.4. Space Change

2. Six Months Later

2.1. New Hardware

2.2. Removed Hardware

2.3. Space Change

We might want to keep the netgear switch to slave to the console server. A managed switch, however, would also offer vlan support and it looks like a port based management vlan could be used (as long as the vlan ID on the console and switch agreed).

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