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Here are our decisions on how HCoop's name and Internet addresses should be written in different contexts. It's good to be consistent with these things, you know!

Everything here is open to debate, but let's at least agree on something. --AdamChlipala

1. Informal usage

The informal name for our cooperative is "HCoop," with exactly that capitalization. Avoid using "HCOOP," "Hcoop," "hcoop.net", or "HCoop, Inc.".

2. Legal usage

Our official corporation name is "HCoop, Inc.". (I believe that capitalization is irrelevant here, so I chose to write this with the same capitalization as recommended in the last section.) Never use the "Inc." bit in any informal setting, like on this wiki. We only added that at the end because it was required for incorporation by the laws of the locality we chose.

3. Web site URL

http://hcoop.net/ is the canonical URL for our main public web site. In particular, leaving out the slash at the end makes you (and us!) look HTTP-ignorant. ;-P

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