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OurHistory / HardwareDonations

1. Hardware Donations

Some HCoop members are willing to donate pieces of hardware to the coop to help with our new infrastructure. These hardware pieces are outlined below.

1.1. Dell PowerEdge 2850

This is a 2U server that I bought used (actually traded for a Dell PowerEdge 2800 that I had previously). I purchased parts for it which give it the following specifications:

Currently I have this machine configured with a RAID 1 set on 2 x 36 GB disks for the system partition, and a 4 disk RAID 10 set for user files.

The machine is less than 1 year old, and is still under warranty for most of the parts (some parts were purchased used, so would not be covered by the warranty from Dell). I believe that we can purchase a support contract from Dell for this machine but I will have to call them to make sure and find out more details.

I have put some pictures online. Sorry, they are large files!

2. Nortel (Baystack) 380 switch

From Shaun Empie:

It is not brand new but is working. Here is a guide that I was able to find to give anyone interested a more in depth view of it, es380 guide.

ES380 AC Power Specs: Input current: 1.5A to 100 AC Input voltage (rms): 100 to 240 VAC at 47 to 63 Hz Power consumption: 150 W Thermal rating: 1000 BTU/hr maximum

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