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This information is not accurate, and is here for historical reference only.

1. Outpost info

Outpost is hosted at Tech.Coop to have a DNS server on a subnet different than our primary subnet.

It was previously a 64-bit OS, also at Tech.Coop, but hosted in UK @ Bytemark.

Now it is in the US and is a 32-bit Debian lenny.

1.1. Xen console

ssh to xen-seven.tech.coop as user hcoop

1.2. General Information

1.3. Networking Information

1.4. Access info

Login/pw are in standard HCoop password stash.

2. Setup Notes

2.1. Domtool

2.2. Basic Packages

2.3. Basic Configuration

2.4. OpenAFS

2.5. Authentication

2.6. Miscellaneous


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