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= Q: Can I edit this wiki before joining? =

A: Yes!

= Q: Can I compile binaries myself? =

A: Yes. You can install your own compilers, and we'll install most any compiler that's found in Debian testing.

= Q: Can I run my own daemons? =

A: Yes, though whether or not this is feasible in terms of resource use depends on the kind of server.

= Q: Can I use an HCoop account for commercial purposes? =

A: Yes, though we hope that you'll be willing to pay a (not much) greater share of our costs if you are reaping a huge profit by way of our services. :-)

= Q: Can I use multiple domain names that I own with an HCoop account? =

A: Yes, and we even have our own DomainTool to let you do so without superuser intervention.
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