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1. Rack Mounting Equipment

We will need rack mounting equipment that matches the racks at our colo facility. Below are some notes on Dell rail kits:

1.1. About DELL Rail Kits:

DELL has three styles of rail kits for more options when mounting your DELL server into a rack. All rail kits will ONLY work with DELL servers and will not work with any other brand of server and will not work on generic servers. If you have a server that is not made by DELL, contact the server's manufacturer for help with installation in a rack.


Rapid Rails are for use with DELL Cabinet racks these are also referred to as "quick connect" rail kits. They employ square tab-style connectors to install in the rack. These rails can be used with other standard 19" four post cabinet racks with standard square mounting holes.


Versa Rails are for use with 19" four post cabinets not manufactured by DELL employing round/threaded holes and screws to mount in the rack. These rails can also be used with a DELL rack if the RAPID RAILS are not available, however they must be mounted using the screws through the square holes rather than snapping in.

1.1.3. 2-POST RAILS:

2-Post Rail kits are used for standard 3" or 6" post mounted racks (telco type racks) and employ screws for mounting. These rack kits cannot be used on four post cabinet racks and cannot be modified to fit four post cabinet racks.

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