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1. CURRENT registered agent info

On April 3, 2007, AdamChlipala signed us up with [http://www.incorp.com/ InCorp]. Here is the latest registered agent information:

InCorp Services, Inc.BR 7208 Red Top RoadBR Hummelstown, PA 17036

County: Dauphin

2. OLD registered agent info

The cooperative has engaged the services of a registered agent in Pennsylvania to serve as our Commercial Registered Office Provider as required by the Pennsylvania Code.

Our registered agent is:

Myer & Myer CPA
102 Wheatfield Dr
Suite A
Milford PA  18337
Phone: (570) 296-2889
Fax: (570) 296-2696

Our contact at Myer & Myer is Gregory P. Myer, CPA. His annual fee is $100. The first such payment was sent on February 5, 2005.

This Milford, PA is in Pike County, Pennsylvania. Milford is the county seat of Pike, which is a rural county in northeastern Pennsylvania, and is an hour's drive from Scranton, PA and 90 minutes from New York City.

When we initially contracted with Myer & Myer, they were located at 110 Broad St, but they have since moved into the office building at 102 Wheatfield.