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Ok For reals. Let's do t-shirts! How about the hcoop logo on a variety of background colors? --DavidKerschner

Discuss the T-shirt proposal and design on this page. --NathanKennedy

Wah wah wah, this page isn't linked from anywhere. --AdamChlipala

I linked from the front page now.

Some notes. You can see the COMAMNUVI website at http://fairtradezone.jhc-cdca.org/ I have one of their organic natural-color T-shirts, and it is quite well-made. I can't vouch for their screen-printing but from the photos and their client list they seem quite good at it. Also, they have T-shirts in other colors besides white and ecru, but for an additional cost, and I don't know how well the logo would show up on other colors unless we did it in all black. Speaking of which the design must be limited to three solid colors (I assume this includes black). --NathanKennedy

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