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This page is meant to be an aid to our bug-tracker, in the case where several tasks are woven together via dependencies. Within a section, tasks are listed in order of which needs to be done first.

If you'd like to help, just join and email the administrators mailing list! No offer of free labor shall be refused.

Replacinging Old Machines


Although still serving us well, Deleuze's Debian install is hopelessly obsolete, and its total horsepower equals about 1/8th of a modern low cost server.

The quickest way to replace it will be to acquire a new kvm server, and then spin up a pair of KernelVirtualMachines to serve the few remaining services on Deleuze:

Things deleuze does: (incomplete, probably)

New Server / Rack Cleanup

See NewServerDiscussion2013. We also completed some cleanup during OnSiteVisits/20130626 and OnSiteVisits/20130627.

Immediate Tasks

Long Term

Neglected tasks

Tasks which non-admins can do, too

See HcoopVolunteerTasks for a list of things non-admins can help with.


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