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This page is designed to give information for new HCoop treasurers to learn how to do their jobs. Also see Adam's mail about treasurer responsibilities.

Treasurer permissions which need to be given:

1. Paypal payments from members

When: soon after being notified by paypal of a payment.

2. Stripe Payment

3. Transfer paypal -> hcoop bank

When: whenever paypal balance gets high, usually every month or so.

Leave $50 or so in paypal to cover refunds issued. The maximum amount that can be transferred per month is $500.

4. Mothly tasks: Dues, balance reminders, freezing

4.1. Charge dues

When: Second to last day of every month (to get done before the cronjobs mailing reminders)

4.2. Check freezing / booting list

4.3. Manual low balance reminders

When: middle of each month (15th) Why: some ISPs block mail from HCoop since it sometimes forwards spam.

Subject: We're about to freeze your HCoop account...
Cc: HCoop Payment Reminder Robot <payment@hcoop.net>

...because your balance is too negative.  If you want to keep your
account, please make a payment here ASAP:

Details on how much we recommend paying should be found in the last
automated low balance reminder e-mail sent to you.  If you don't want
your account anymore, please don't stay silent; instead open a ticket
here, in the "Financial" category:

...and include instructions on what to do with your remaining funds
(donate to the co-op or refund via PayPal or Stripe).

5. New member

When: when you get the first payment from a new member. (You may need to prompt new members for payment if it is not remitted soon after the board votes to accept the application.)

6. Member leaving

When: when emailed from bugzilla

If a member replies to something asking if they can be retired, here is a boilerplate you can reply with:

To close your account, please open a ticket in bugzilla in the "financial"
category, and including what you'd like to do with the remaining balance
(donation to the co-op or refund):

This provides some authentication, and a permanent record, for the close request.

Thank you,

- HCoop Treasurer

7. Freezing and unfreezing

8. Unretiring a user

If a delinquent user contacts you with payment after you've retired him in the ledger but before the delete scripts are run:

9. Changing passwords

10. Reimbursing Expenses

11. Filing E-postcard Tax Form

When: yearly, After January 1st and before April 15th

When creating the account to file, it is for you personally, not for the coop, so each new treasurer will need to create their own account.

12. Handling Email

The treasurer can receive quite a bit of mail at times. ClintonEbadi recommends filtering the mail into a single folder. Some procmail rules to achieve this:

* ^TO_payment@hcoop.net

* ^Subject: Your HCoop account has been created!$

* ^Subject: Welcome to HCoop!$

* ^From: HCoop Payment Reminder Robot <payment@hcoop.net>$

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