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Guide to creating a new administrative user with admin privileges for various services.

TODO: Write a create-admin-user script that does this all automatically (add it to the scripts git repo)

NAME = Member's non-administrative username. All commands should be run from ServerGibran (or the current administrative server).

1. Basic Setup

Steps required to create a minimally functional admin user.

1.1. Creating the user

/afs/hcoop.net/common/etc/scripts/create-user-new NAME_admin
sudo kadmin.local cpw NAME_admin # set randomly generated initial pw

The user will now exist in Kerberos, AFS, and DomTool but have no administrative permissions.

1.2. Administrative Email Lists

In ~hcoop/.domtool/hcoop.net add the new admin users to the admin_emails list which will add them to the needed mail aliases to receive admin mail.

Also add emailAlias "NAME_admin" "NAME"; so administrative emails are forward to the admin's normal mail account.

TODO: update AdminArea with list of lists that admins are expected to not ignore.

1.3. SSH Access, Sudo On Administrator-Only Servers, and Kerberos Admin

In Puppet, modify modules/hcoop/manifests/init.pp and add the new admin user to the $admins list. This will allow them to connect to all servers and have sudo which will also grant access to locally administered services like Postgres and MySQL.

This also grants them kerberos administrator privileges. FIXME: do we make that optional? MitKerberos admin powers are very broad, and perhaps not all admins will need them.

1.4. Puppet Environment

Create a puppet environment for the new admin as described in ConfigurationManagement#Personal_Environments which allows them to actually make changes to system configuration. All system changes are made through Puppet.

1.5. Portal Admin

On the Portal Groups Management Page add the admin's member account to the root group. This enables full access to portal administrative features and allows the admin to view support requests.

2. Services

Although not strictly needed, the admin will not be able to handle all support requests without these.

2.1. DomTool Administrator

To grant full admin permissions: domtool-admin grant NAME_admin priv all

DomTool/ArchitectureOverview#Standard_ACL_classes has a list of all valid values for priv which can be used instead of all if more limited administrative permissions are desired.

2.2. AFS Administrator

AFS administrative permissions are controlled by membership in the system:administrators group, so if a user is intended to have AFS admin privileges: pts adduser NAME_admin system:administrators.

2.3. Wiki administrator

Add new admin's wiki account to the list on AdminGroup


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