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Clear message


If we want to scale up to a larger member base and high reliability, then we need to know exactly what is expected of people who volunteer for particular duties. That way, someone can turn down a role if he knows he can't meet the time requirements, and he knows exactly what is expected of him if he does sign on. This page is our scratch pad for ideas on formal guidelines in this direction.

See the TaskDistribution page for an in-progress assignment of people to jobs.

1. Policies deserving their own pages

2. Summaries of official roles and their duties

3. Requirements of anyone in an official role

4. Sysadmin stuff

How many sysadmins (all with root access) should we have? 4 seems like about the right number. It would be nice if we could somehow pick admins with good spread across the different time zones, to give us more times when one is likely to be awake and able to handle emergencies.

It might be nice for each sysadmin to have brief "office hours" each week, where he agrees to be on IRC answering questions and helping people in real time.

5. Official list of tasks

We should try to come up with a list of task types that covers everything expected of people in special roles. Each task should have an associated list of people in charge of it, listed in a total order. At any time, the first person on the list for a task who is not "on vacation" via the above allowance is responsible by default for handling it. Of course, it's always possible to make special arrangements for some tasks, but the lead person for the task will be in charge of arranging them.

I expect that the tasks of the officers (president/secretary/treasurer) will almost always be performed by single officers, since they will tend to be less time-critical. The sysadmin tasks should probably be spread evenly among the sysadmins.

Let's list the tasks, organized by which role we expect to handle them.

5.1. President

5.2. Treasurer

5.3. Secretary

5.4. Sysadmins

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