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 * Board meeting
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 * FastCGI
   * Seems like the most straightforward of the fancy CGI to persistent server replacement to gets working, and has wide support. MoinMoin can use it... and it's a lot less tricky for members to get working than proxied servers on another host.
   * Ideally, support wsgi and whatnot later, assuming they can do suexec
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 * The great DES to AES openafs rekeying
   * Major pain: we have to upgrade all client and servers machines to openafs 1.6.5
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== Roll Call ==


After an initial burst of acknowledgement, acknowledgements came to a stand still after only four days. We need to contact everyone by alternate means.

The board contacted everyone again. A few folks responded.

The following are excused:

 * regadou (actually not a member any more)
 * bailey (actually not a member any more)
 * mcarberry (rejoined at the same time as the roll call, is aware but did not get the email)
 * ethanh (his email was horribly broken due to a stupid bug freezing, destroying, and then re-creating members)

I am Clinton Ebadi. I am the reluctant President of the coop (someone has to do it), and the current lead sysadmin / DomTool maintainer / lo-fi AdamChlipala replacement.

1. Board Statements

See /BoardStatements

2. General Coop Goals

Unstructured musing on when/what I think the coop ought to be.

  • (./) January 2013: New website online, navajos and bog both up with new members using them

  • February 2013->December 2013: Big push for new members. New website should make us seem more alive, we've finally fixed about 3/4 of the "temporary" hacks from when we first moved to Peer1, etc. mire is gone (less work: we just have to get people off of it), but also work toward getting rid of deleuze. Web services first (low hanging fruit), even if it means punting on fully converting to domtool managed sites (at least packaged and documented). AFAICT other than those we're just left with:

    • DomTool dispatcher

    • Master DNS
    • Exim
    • IMAP (might have to patch courier-authdaemon)
    • A few straggling openafs volumes (+ AFSDB records?)
    • Backups
    • MailMan

    • The portal
    • FTP
    • Webalizer
  • March/April 2013: Catch the sales on the last generation Dell 2U/2-socket machines and create a clean counterpart to fritz.
    • Minimal KVM host setup for base OS. We might run the KDC and OpenAFS on the bare metal, not entirely certain.
    • Create new wheezy based VMs, duplicating (and turning into master) services hosted in VMs on fritz
      • For the first time, this is realistic: all of those months packaging our configuration pay off by sparing future-me from herculean efforts. And SteveKillen, BtTempleton, and I are probably available for a road trip to Peer1.

  • March 2013->July 2013: Transition remaining services off of deleuze onto KernelVirtualMachines on new kvm host

  • April 2013: Election and hopefully 120 members. Mire has been turned off for at least a month at this point.
  • Winter 2013: Assuming 150+ members, perhaps more bandwidth is in order. Deleuze should be safe to turn off by now at the latest.
  • Spring 2014: Ponies for everyone.
    • IPv6, mediagoblin, diaspora, gitorious, (./) xmpp works again (and ability to use vanity domains), ...

3. Contact

  • <clinton at unknownlamer dot org> (Email)

  • unknownlamer (AOL Instant Messenger)
  • <clinton at hcoop dot net> (Jabber)

  • unknown_lamer on freenode (IRC) in #hcoop

  • +1 443 538 8058 (Phone, SMS preffered)

4. Websites

5. Immediate Tasks

  • Networked domtool-tail
  • Possible donations for new server
  • Backups (blocked by lack of hardware)
  • Spec out new server
  • Consolidate web stuff onto navajos
    • Upgrade squirrelmail
    • webdav/svn
      • Can we support gssapi negotiate? Seems like it should be trivial on the server side.
  • Wiki user reg spam: http://paste.conkeror.org/?236

    • At least sab mag faq has it (11k users!), we need to help members fix this unfortunate interaction between moin, the file system, and evildoers.

6. Admin Stuff

6.1. fastcgi setup notes

Notes to self about configuring fastcgi for at least php


  • Depend on libapache2-mod-fcgid

  • a2enmod fcgid in postinst (the package seems to enable itself, but en/dis anyway)

  • Need to install our own mods-available/fcgid.conf

    • Do NOT enable fcgid-script script hander by default, require use of fastCgiExtension in DomTool

    • FcgidFixPathinfo 1 to let php work properly (seems to not affect anything else)

    • Need to configure process limits (expire fairly quickly to prevent issues with tokens/memory exhaustion)
  • Have to write a wrapper shell script to exec php5-cgi, placed within /afs/hcoop.net/ (but where?)

    • Wrapper script needs to gain kerberos/afs credentials... but $USER is not available (whoami works however)

    • suexec also wants the file to be owned by the user... hrm.

http://code.google.com/p/modwsgi/wiki/ConfigurationDirectives WSGI looks much easier to set up, at least enough for moin. We could get away with enabling it and supporting only WSGIScriptAlias initially. Not sure about interaction with mod_waklog.

6.2. etc.

  • default DirectoryIndex does not include index.shtml, should this be changed?

6.3. Website

(create Website bugzilla product and move these there)

  • Convert hcoop.net into domtool config (looks trivial, a few rewrites... except for userdir support?)
    • On the topic of user dirs: allow members to register a redirect for hcoop.net/~foo?)
  • Replace facebook links with other "get to know the members" text
    • Inspire members to join the planet
    • Make the locations tool usable again (something we can use with Openstreetmap).
  • Give BtTempleton and LaurenMcNees write access as needed

6.3.1. Wiki

6.4. domtool plans

  • Feature backlog
  • Networked domtool-tail
  • default CSymbol = Value for binding default environment variable settings

    • Expands the scope of extensions that can be written in pure DomTool, slight flexibility gains

  • Improve fwtool as needs become clearer (FirewallTool)

6.5. Major Sysadmin Tasks for 2013

  • Acquire and install new server, cleaning up the back of the rack in the process
  • Get everything off of deleuze
  • Clean up keytabs (at least $user.mail for mail delivery, sync to as few nodes as needed, etc.)

  • Overhaul mail delivery
    • Revisit routing/transport; the current routing config has too many entry and exit points making changes extremely complicated (i.e. likely to break mail delivery)
    • Take advantage of new exim features like DKIM.
    • Secondary MX
  • The great DES to AES openafs rekeying
    • Major pain: we have to upgrade all client and servers machines to openafs 1.6.5

7. Board Stuff

  • What address should we be using for the "owner" of hcoop services? It's a mix of the current treasurer, registered agent, and data center right now... is the registered agent correct? Do we need to get a PO Box or something?
  • We need a private wiki of some sort for filing sensitive information like welcome emails for services and various credentials... is it safe enough to do that using the public moin and acls? I'm not sure sure...


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