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I am Clinton Ebadi. I am the reluctant President of the coop (someone has to do it), and the current lead sysadmin / DomTool maintainer / lo-fi AdamChlipala replacement.

1. Board Statements

See /BoardStatements

2. General Coop Goals

Unstructured musing on when/what I think the coop ought to be.

3. Contact

4. Websites

5. Immediate Tasks

6. Admin Stuff

6.1. etc.

6.2. Terrible Things

Since we are having a roll call soon, we need to deal with these.

6.3. domtool plans

7. Board Stuff

7.1. Roll Call


After an initial burst of acknowledgement, acknowledgements came to a stand still after only four days. We need to contact everyone by alternate means.

Write SQL to extract initial member app email and non-hcoop email so that we can either automatically or manually re-contact everyone.