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I am Clinton Ebadi. I am the reluctant President of the coop (someone has to do it), and the current lead sysadmin / DomTool maintainer / lo-fi AdamChlipala replacement.

1. Board Statements

See /BoardStatements

2. Pages to Update After Adding Stripe

3. General Coop Goals

Unstructured musing on when/what I think the coop ought to be.

4. Contact

5. Websites

6. Immediate Tasks

7. Admin Stuff

7.1. fastcgi setup notes

Notes to self about configuring fastcgi for at least php


http://code.google.com/p/modwsgi/wiki/ConfigurationDirectives WSGI looks much easier to set up, at least enough for moin. We could get away with enabling it and supporting only WSGIScriptAlias initially. Not sure about interaction with mod_waklog.

7.2. Improve SSL Experience

7.2.1. Portal

The portal page should allow Intermediate CA Cert permission and installation requests. Installed CA certs should be presented as a drop-down showing the subject CN and file name.

The portal request page should display all certs and cacerts a user is permitted to use already, their common name, and their expiration date.

=== Managing Certificates ====

Upon installation, certificates should be recorded in a database that stores (filename, type, subject, expiration) (where type = user | intermediate). Removal, naturally, should remove the database entry and files from all web servers.

This information could then be used to present information on a member's certs on the portal page, and make requesting CA certs easier.

7.3. etc.

7.4. Website

(create Website bugzilla product and move these there)

7.4.1. Wiki

7.5. domtool plans

7.6. Major Sysadmin Tasks for 2014

8. Board Stuff