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DaemonAdmin / Courier

Courier is managed by Puppet class hcoop::service::mail::courier

1. Notes

2. nopag

At least through Debian Stretch, courier needs to run with nopag so that vmail users would have tokens, using the following pam config:

# PAM configuration file for Courier IMAP daemon

#@include common-auth
#@include common-account
#@include common-password
#@include common-session

session         required       pam_afs_session.so debug nopag always_aklog
auth            required       pam_krb5.so debug
auth            required       pam_afs_session.so debug nopag always_aklog
account         required       pam_krb5.so

Using standard PAM config seems to work in some cases, but fails most of the time.