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This page is for the election of the 19th Board of Directors of HCoop, Inc. Nominations shall be done in our usual wiki style. Voting shall be done through the HCoop portal. You may see last year's election results at Election2022 or summarized on the BoardOfDirectors website.

This election is governed by articles 3 and 4 of our HcoopBylaws. All current members in good standing may vote for three candidates to replace the three outgoing board members in classes 2 and 3, whose terms expire on April 11, 2022. These seats are currently occupied by Kevin Everets, Jesse Shumway, and Stephen Michel. Clinton Ebadi and Robin Templeton, in board class 1, have one year remaining in their terms.

Please list candidates to nominate below. You may nominate any current HCoop members, including yourself. Please list candidate names alphabetically by last name, and list your own name as the nominator.

Nominations may continue until March 31, 2023, 11:59 PM UTC. Voting on all candidates who have accepted their nominations shall begin on April 4, 2023 at midnight UTC and continue for one week through April 11, 2023 at 00:00 UTC.

1. Nominations

2. Candidate Acceptances

When accepting, please include a statement for why you are running, or a note that one exists elsewhere on the wiki

* StephenMichel -- I've been a little bit of a seatwarmer the past year, not doing much besides scheduling board meetings. I don't anticipate having substantially more time to put into the coop this year, but am happy to continue as a seatwarmer if a seat needs warming. For my more aspirational goals (if I somehow find more time), see my statement from running last year at Election2022.

3. Candidate Non-Acceptances

4. Results Summary

Voting result is at: (link to poll results to be posted after election)


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