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Hello! I am Frank Bynum, Hcoop member since January of 2004. I am an attorney licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey. If you get a DMCA takedown notice for material hosted on Hcoop, e-mail me.

I run a website at http://frankbynum.com/. That site has been up since May of 2000. I have had a website of some form in various places since around December of 1995.

I'm originally from Houston, Texas, and live here now.

1. Board Election 2009

I am happy to be nominated to the Hcoop, Inc. board. I have been an Hcoop member for five years now and am committed to keeping the coop an inclusive, democratic, responsible institution.

I am currently an onsite admin of our cabinet here in New York. Among the initiatives I'd like to take up are:

  1. Reducing our environmental impact I am more interested in concrete ways to reduce our impact than purchasing of offsets. For example, we could reduce the energy we consume for backups using new services like Diomede.

  2. Recruiting more admins Our admins are wonderful. It would be ideal to have even more. However we do it (and whether we need paid admins) this is an issue that should be addressed to ensure the coop keeps running smoothly.

  3. Increasing capacity and spreading it geographically

  4. Getting Gmail to stop classifying all Hcoop messages as spam

  5. Finally printing Hcoop t-shirts

It would be an honor to serve as a board member. I'd very much appreciate your vote.

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