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Clear message


This page is for HCoop history, logos, grass-roots HCoop marketing ideas, and other bits of advocacy.

Joining HCoop


Spreading the word about HCoop


Link to HCoop with the HCoop logo (LogoDiscussion) or include a badge on your site. This not only points users to our site from yours, it also increases HCoop's search engine rankings and makes it easier for people to find. HCoop's Alexa traffic rankings have gone from 4,000,000 to 900,000 in the last three months alone. If we can continue that trend we are on the right track.





Help out with our T-Shirt project. Create a design, or simply commit to buying one. If enough people do, we will make the HCoop T-shirt happen.


If appropriate, you can reference HCoop in email or web forum signatures.


We may or may not want to spend money on formal advertising for the cooperative. As an experiment, HCoop members have previously run ads on kuro5hin.org (10K impressions donated by NathanKennedy) and on reddit.com.


Add more ideas here!

As you can see below, the default footer for MoinMoin wikis hosted by HCoop contains links/credits for:

Why not add a credit for HCoop?

I added the following section to my ~/wiki/wikiconfig.py configuration file

    # Page Credits ---------------------------------------------
    # Feel free to add other credits, but PLEASE do NOT change or remove
    # the following links - you help us by keeping them "as is":
    page_credits = [
        '<a href="http://moinmo.in/" title="This site uses the MoinMoin Wiki software.">MoinMoin Powered</a>',
        '<a href="http://moinmo.in/Python" title="MoinMoin is written in Python.">Python Powered</a>',

        # Optional credits:
        # if you think it can be maybe misunderstood as applying to content or topic of your wiki,
        # feel free to remove this one:
        '<a href="http://moinmo.in/GPL" title="MoinMoin is GPL licensed.">GPL licensed</a>',
        '<a href="http://hcoop.net/" title="This wiki is hosted by HCoop.">Hosted by HCoop</a>',
        '<a href="http://www.gandi.net/?lang=en/" title="This domain is registered with gandi.net.">Registered with gandi.net</a>',

        # if you don't need/want to check the html output, feel free to remove this one:
        # '<a href="http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=referer" title="Click here to validate this page.">Valid HTML 4.01</a>',

You can see the results in the footers in SabMagWiki.

AFAICT, you can change this for everyone in the file /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/MoinMoin/config/multiconfig.py. In the page_credits variable add:

'<a href="http://hcoop.net/" title="This wiki is hosted by HCoop.">Hosted by HCoop</a>',

--Mike Freeman


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