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Hardware / Decommissioned

Hardware that once was, but no longer is.

1. abulafia: shell server

The humble server we started with. It started off with a tbird Athlon that fried itself from overheating, refurbished with a cooler Duron it served us for several years.

Intended use: refurbished slightly to serve as a generic shell server and the only machine where usage not strictly related to "Internet hosting" is permitted. Due to failing parts the machine was decomissioned completely and is no longer planned for reuse.

2. baltar

3. xanadu

Removed from rack in December 2008 to make space needed for servicing other machines. Server wasn't able to run with current hardware, and the board determined that it would be more effective to purchase a higher-powered server to fill our rack rather than purchase parts needed to bring Xanadu into operation.

4. krunk

Use: was a secondary KDC and AFS server. Decomissioned after it developed problems in the hardware (as we perceived it) network stack.

5. mire

Turned off, left in rack in case we end up re-using it as a wheezy based console server

Former Use: dynamic web content, services that involve running arbitrary code from members (including custom daemons, etc.)

6. deleuze

Still in the rack.

Use: email server, backup server


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