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There is a monthly Hcoop volunteer day where we get together on IRC and work on Hcoop tasks. A good place to start is the category Needs Work. Below there's some tasks that are not directly related to the wiki.

The next Hcoop volunteer day is: TBD

1. Things That Could Be Done

1.1. Improve Documentation

The wiki has a number of pages that could use some love, and improving them is something just about anyone can do. Don't be shy with edits, anyone can fix any mistakes that are introduced.

1.2. Improve the wiki

Minor wiki tasks that are not directly related to documentation.

1.3. Improve Member Interaction

We have a members directory featuring any site a member wishes to list, but it's not really being used any more.

1.4. Administration

1.5. Improve Experience

Lots of things could go here.

1.6. Programmers Wanted

DomTool is a great tool, but it still has rough edges for new users. There are a few easy tasks that could be handled by anyone with even basic familiarity with SML (or as a way to pick up SML).

More difficult DomTool tasks, but still needed:

We were previously using the Debian MeetBot to generate meeting minutes for board meetings, but have lost access since RichardDarst is no longer with the coop. Meet bot is written in Python as a supybot plugin. Since we need to set up our own copy, a few new features would be helpful.