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HelpForUsers > HelpOnEditing > HelpOnProcessingInstructions > HelpOnCreoleSyntax

Creole 1 is a new wiki markup language - its goal is to become the one common wiki syntax and enable better exchange of content between different wiki engines.

This page introduces you to the most important elements of the creole syntax, showing first the markup verbatim and then how it is rendered by the wiki engine. Please note that some of the features depend on your configuration.

BTW: This very page is written in creole syntax!

1. Table of Contents

**Contents** (up to the 2nd level)

Contents (up to the 2nd level)

2. Headings

= heading 1st level =
== heading 2nd level ==
=== heading 3rd level ===
==== heading 4th level ====
===== heading 5th level =====

3. heading 1st level

3.1. heading 2nd level

3.1.1. heading 3rd level heading 4th level heading 5th level

4. Text Formatting

* //emphasized (italics)//
* **boldface**
* **//bold italics//**, //**italics bold**//
* {{{monospace}}}

5. Hyperlinks

* [[FrontPage]]
* [[HelpOnEditing/SubPages]]
* [[/SubPage]]
* [[../SiblingPage]]
* [[FrontPage|named link]]
* [[#anchorname]]
* [[#anchorname|description]]
* [[PageName#anchorname]]
* [[PageName#anchorname|description]]
* [[attachment:filename.txt]]
* http://moinmo.in/
* [[http://moinmo.in/]]
* [[http://moinmo.in/|MoinMoin Wiki]]
* [[http://static.moinmo.in/logos/moinmoin.png]]
* {{http://static.moinmo.in/logos/moinmoin.png}}
* [[http://static.moinmo.in/logos/moinmoin.png|moinmoin.png]]
* [[MeatBall:InterWiki|InterWiki page on MeatBall]]
* [[file://///servername/share/full/path/to/file/filename%20with%20spaces.txt|link to file filename with spaces.txt]]
* [[mailto:user@example.com]]

5.3. Avoid or Limit Automatic Linking

 * {{{http://www.example.com}}}
 * ~http://www.example.com/

6. Drawings



7. Lists

7.1. Unordered Lists

* item 1

* item 2 (preceding white space)
** item 2.1
*** item 2.1.1
* item 3

7.2. Ordered Lists

# item 1
## item 1.1
## item 1.2
# item 2
  1. item 1
    1. item 1.1
    2. item 1.2
  2. item 2

8. Horizontal Rule


9. Tables

|=A |=B |=C |
| 1 | 2 | 3 |
1 2 3

10. Other



11. Macros and Variables

11.1. Macros

12. Parsers

12.1. Verbatim Display

def hello():
    print "Hello World!"
def hello():
    print "Hello World!"

12.2. Syntax Highlighting

def hello():
    print "Hello World!"
   1 def hello():
   2     print "Hello World!"

See also CreoleCheatCheet (PNG mage)