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HelpForUsers > HelpOnEditing

1. Page Editing

Names of pages may either LookLikeThis (that is called a WikiName) or [[Like this]] (a so-called free link). If you write a word that LookLikeThis, it will be automatically turned into a link. More details about this you find on HelpForBeginners.

The following pages describe the elements (wiki markup) you can use to get special formatting effects:

To experiment with wiki markup, go to the WikiSandBox and then click on "EditText" at the bottom of the page. Use your browser's "open a new window with this link" feature on the word "WikiSandBox", so you can keep the help pages open side-by-side to the editing window.

2. Automatic Backup of Drafts

Every time you are in the editor and use the "Preview", "Spell Check", "Cancel" or "Save Changes" buttons, moin saves a draft copy of your work internally. Use preview often!

If you hit "cancel" accidentally, your machine crashes, or the browser window was accidentally closed, then the automatic backup of your draft may be easily recovered.

To recover that draft, you simply edit that page again. If there is a draft, an alert message will be in the message box and a "load draft" button will be present. Clicking the "load draft" will load your saved draft into the editor box replacing the current revision already loaded. You can continue editing the loaded draft, but this time try to save it at the end. :)

(!) Don't use the "preview", "spell check", "save changes" or "cancel" buttons on that page before "load draft" or you will overwrite your old draft with a new one.

If you successfully save a page, the internal draft copy of it is not needed any more and will be deleted.