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1. Linking Rules

URLs, interwiki pages, email addresses and CamelCase pagenames are recognized as targets even without using brackets.

2. Quick Reference




internal link


CamelCase page name

internal free link

[[free link]]

any page name

internal link to sub page

/SubPage or [[/sub page]]

internal link to sister page

../SisterPage or [[../sister|link text]]

internal link with linktext

[[SomePage|some Page]]

link to attachment

[[attachment:a image.png]]

links to attachment image

interwiki link


requires uppercase wikiname

interwiki free link


any wikiname in the map works

external link


external link with linktext

[[http://example.net|example site]]

border of internal link


2 backticks - for when a WikiName ends in the middle of a word

avoid an internal link


configurable function




embed an attached graphics

{{attachment:an image.png}}

show attached image file an image.png

embed an attached graphics and give alt text

{{attachment:an image.png|alt text}}

show attached image file an image.png with alternative text saying alt text (recommended for accessibility)

embed an attached graphics and define alignment

{{attachment:an image.png|alt text|align="position"}}

show attached image file an image.png with alternative text alt text and aligned to position, where position can be one of top, middle, bottom, right or left (do not omit alt text)

embed an attached graphics and resize it

{{attachment:an image.png|alt text|width=100}}

show attached image file an image.png with alternative text alt text and resize it to 100px width (do not omit alt text)

embed an external graphics


show target image inline

embed an external graphics and give alt text

{{http://example.net/image.png|alt text}}

show target image inline with alternative text saying alt text (recommended for accessibility)

embed an external graphics and define alignment

{{http://example.net/image.png|alt text|align="position"}}

show target image inline with alternative text alt text and aligned to position, where position can be one of top, middle, bottom, right, or left (do not omit alt text)

embed an external graphics and resize it

{{http://example.net/image.png|alt text|width=100}}

show target image inline with alternative text alt text and resize it to 100px width (do not omit alt text)

3. Explanations

3.1. URLs

If you enter URLs into normal text, there is the problem of detecting what belongs to the URL and what not. There are four ways to force the ending of an URL:

The supported URL schemes are: http, https, ftp, file and some others. The administrator of your wiki can extend the supported schemes by using the url_schemas variable (see HelpOnConfiguration).

In addition to the standard schemes, there are MoinMoin-specific ones: attachment and drawing, these are related to file attachments and are explained on HelpOnActions/AttachFile.

3.2. Spaces

You can always use the double brackets (or double braces) syntax to use page or file names with spaces.

This will even work for interwiki links, if the target wiki understands standard url quoting (space will become %20).

3.3. Anchors

To insert anchors into a page you need the Anchor macro (see HelpOnMacros): <<Anchor(anchorname)>>, where "anchorname" is the actual identifier of the anchor.

To link to an anchor on the same wiki page use [[#anchorname]] or [[#anchorname|label text]].

To link to an anchor on another wiki page write [[PageName#anchorname]] or [[PageName#anchorname|label text]], where "PageName" is the name of the other page and "anchorname" is the identifier of the anchor on that page.

/!\ On some Wikis, a link to the page RecentChanges might refer to the same page as this link: recentchanges. This is especially true for Windows and Mac OS X systems because they are not case-sensitive normally.

To keep a word like PageName from automatically being turned into a link, use Page``Name. (The problem with doing this is that it will prevent a simple search for the word "WikiName" from matching Wiki``Name in a page, due to the inserted characters.)

You can also suppress WikiName linking by putting an exclamation mark (bang) before the WikiName, i.e. !WikiName. This is available by default, but can be disabled with the configuration option bang_meta = False. Using this method will not interfere with most searches for the escaped WikiName, with the exception of certain quoted phrases and regular expressions.

To prevent automatic URL linking, use either `http://...` or {{{http://...}}}.

Sometimes you may want to give additional parameters for a link, influencing how it looks like, how it behaves and how exactly it links to the target - this is what the params part of [[target|text|params]] is for.

3.5.1. Setting attributes of the <a> tag

Available attributes: class, title, target, accesskey (see some html reference if you want to know what they mean).

Example: [[http://moinmo.in/|MoinMoin Wiki|class=green dotted,accesskey=1]]

Renders as: MoinMoin Wiki

(!) Pressing the access key should jump to that link target (for Firefox 2.x and the example above it is Alt-Shift-1).

3.5.2. Creating a query string for the target URL

What is possible for this depends on the target site.

Example: [[MoinMoin:MoinMoinWiki|MoinMoin Wiki|&action=diff,&rev1=1,&rev2=2]]

Renders as: MoinMoin Wiki

(!) Please remember:

3.6. Images

You may use

{{attachment:imagefile.png|text describing image|width=100}}

to have the attached file imagefile.png displayed with a width of 100px; the graphics' height will be reduced/ enlarged proportionally (e.g. if imagefile.png was actually 200px width and 400px heigh, height would be reduced in this example to 200px). You may also use

{{attachment:imagefile.png|text describing image|height=100}}

to have the attached file imagefile.png displayed with a height of 100px, and the graphics' width will be reduced/ enlarged proportionally. Use

{{attachment:imagefile.png|text describing image|width=100 height=150}}

to have the attached file imagefile.png displayed with a width of 100px and a height of 150px. Please do not omit the alternative text in neither case.

Note this does not alter the attached file itself, in only makes the browser scale the image down/ up to the value given while displaying it.

3.6.1. Thumbnails

You may combine the transclusion with the linking syntax, leading to an image displayed in reduced size that links to itself in actual size, e.g.

[[attachment:imagefile.png|{{attachment:imagefile.png|text describing image|width=100}}]]

3.7. Other stuff

For more information on the possible markup, see HelpOnEditing. For details on how to link to subpages, see HelpOnEditing/SubPages.

4. Examples

4.1. Markup

 * http://moinmo.in/
 * [[http://moinmo.in/]]
 * [[http://moinmo.in/|MoinMoin Homepage]]
 * InterWiki
  * Self:InterWiki
  * MeatBall:InterWiki
  * [[MeatBall:InterWiki|InterWiki page on MeatBall]]
  * [[MoinMoin:page with spaces]] (doesn't exist)
 * email
  * user@example.com
  * mailto:user@example.com?subject=test
  * [[mailto:user@example.com?subject=test|Email me]]
 * [[InterWiki|InterWiki page in this wiki]]
 * [[#anchorname|Link to anchor on this page]]
 * [[OtherPage#anchorname|Link to anchor on other page in current wiki with label text]]
 * {{http://moinmo.in/moin_static/common/moinmoin.png}}
 * {{http://moinmo.in/moin_static/common/moinmoin.png|moinmoin logo}}

4.2. Display

5. If you used moin before...

Don't worry, it is much easier and better predictable now:

(!) This markup is inspired by creole wiki markup standard (and is also quite similar to what mediawiki engine uses).