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A log of this meeting is available [http://hcoop.net/board/meetings/meeting8-log.txt here]. A log of this meeting is available [[http://hcoop.net/board/meetings/meeting8-log.txt|here]].

1. Agenda Suggestions

1.1. Reports

  • President / Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • System Administrators
    • Status of required daemons / services (such as Mailman) / security etc.
    • Hardware status
  • Announcements and public comments

1.2. Business Items

  • Do we need to make the new-user-creation-from-fyodor process simpler to avoid losing members (and their payment of negative balances)?
  • Whether or not HCoop should appoint a day-to-day volunteer operations manager, and what duties he might be charged with.
  • Whether or not a tiered sysadmin structure would be appropriate to reduce simple administrative workloads on primary system administrators.
  • Migration timeline
  • Clarify when to allow new members to join

2. Meeting Log

A log of this meeting is available here.

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