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IrcMeetings / 20091101

1. IRC Meeting held Sunday, November 1, 2009

1.1. Agenda (with conclusions)

  1. New dues structure
    • Our monthly costs are now $961.60 total (including the recent Peer1 $100 price increase), and divided by number of members (without pledges), it is $7.52/member.
    • This information needs to be viewed in context of available colocation options
  2. Abandoning pledges
  3. ISP provider switch
    • It was decided to make another round of potential hosts investigation (primarily Dallas, TX but maybe Houston as well) and discuss at another board meeting next week
  4. Hardware plans

1.2. Final decisions

  1. Frank is looking for Houston colo options. (Might want to coordinate with others who understand exactly what we need in an offer)
  2. Meeting in a week, starting 2 hours after this week's meeting time.
  3. Official decision on dues in no more than two weeks.

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