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IrcMeetings / 20110327

1. Agenda

  1. Status report on transfer of treasurer duties from AdamChlipala to RichardDarst

  2. What must be done to transfer bank card &c to new treasurer after election

  3. Monthly Income vs Expenses Report
  4. Does FrankBynum have time currently to manage the election

  5. Transfer of hcoop.net from AdamChlipala to HCoop itself

    1. How should a registrar account for HCoop be created?
    2. Pick a registrar (or if this is too contentious bring it to a member vote?)
    3. Assign task of creating account, storing details for admins, and coordinating with AdamChlipala to perform the transfer.

  6. Data Retention Policy Details
    1. During the meeting of 20100314 the board voted to retain volumes for six months unless immediate deletion was requested by the departing member.

    2. What do we do about current volumes lacking information on when members departed?
    3. Assign tasks
      1. Drafting policy page for wiki
      2. Updating software to retain date of account closure
      3. Script to fully purge an already deleted user
  7. Terms of Service Revision
    1. Our TOS still mentions Interserver and does not mention tech.coop
    2. Is a member vote needed to revise the links to our upstream provider agreements?
    3. Assign task of updating TOS
  8. Conflict of Interest Policy
  9. Revisiting Volunteer Policies
    1. Do we even want to revisit them before the election?
    2. Admin vs Board Response Times
    3. Updating response caps for actual volunteers
    4. Long term task policy
      1. Should volunteers be held to a deadline?
      2. Policy for notifying the cooperative that a task cannot be completed either entirely or on time
  10. Check-in with election nominations and acceptances
    1. Anyone participating in the meeting who would like to be nominated?

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