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IrcMeetings / 20120729

1. Proposed Agenda

  1. Announce run-off election results: LaurenMcNees will be seated in Class 1 (with 13 votes) and SteveKillen will be seated in Class 3 (with 10 votes)

  2. Dealing with delinquent accounts
    • Proposal: freeze everyone elgible now, remove delinquent accounts before August dues cycle and balance accounts
  3. Removing rkd from the board
  4. Do we need to revise the bylaws to allow for a replacement board member?
  5. Make SteveKillen figure out what we're doing with our bank account

  6. Assign tasks for revamping website
    • Note to ClintonEbadi: portal / website could use an afs group for modification permissions (hcoop:$foo)

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