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Hello, I sent the two "cooperators" an email about my hopes for this "service" and I was hoping to be able to test out the moinmoin wysiwyg here, but the module does not seem to be included.

Here is the text of the letter I sent:

I was looking to see if anyone is using Mobwrite in a simple OS-like web file system and I found a link to your co-op. I am curious if Hcoop would be a good place to collaborate on some ideas.

:As it happens, the Mobwrite person is RichardDurst...

I am a big wiki user (though stressed by the "wiki sphere") and I have firm ideas about how things should look for the "information society," which would start with the thing I described above, but might expand along "theorectical" lines that I have been hypothesizing over the years. Since I spent the years 1989 to 2003 doing shell and perl at the OS support level, shell and perl would be my languages of choice, though PHP is probably sensible for some things. If there will ever be a Web 3.0, I imagine that the pages will all be SVG, which is very nice to work with, but is not fully implemented yet for HTML.

My theoretical fantasy is to see some kind of cloud that the material would go to that would then be analytically deconstructed so that it can be compared to other writing to "link up" collaborators focusing on similar topics. The OS might be the place to do this if the web can become peer-to-peer rather than small isolated "open" apps, or large proprietary marketing-purposed apps such as FB. Wikipedia would be an example, but editors are fleeing.

Getting back to reality, I often wonder why I cannot start composing when I see a blank white browser page. My collaboration environment fantasy is for a multi-directional system that leverages mobwrite for collaboration at the center of an OS-type file system that can extend work in any direction such as a Wiki, CMS, email, or the blog/press-sharing systems (that I don't know too much about).

I have been using Google Docs since its inception, and it has been just good enough to keep me from attempting to fulfill these ideas. But it is actually marketing Microsoft Word--I am not sure why--but it is, and badly at that. (My papers have to be done in MS Word in the inconsistent and exceedingly awkward APA format, but I have only two more courses 'til my masters.) Unfortunately, "curricular" work can only be described as "high speed" (where the word comes from latin for "horse race." This suggests that everything has to be automated, so in the short term, I would kill for a replacement for Google Docs.

An important consideration to me is that many people are on crippled internet connections including myself as I am in the backwoods--but I am thinking of impoverished regions, and are thus using antiquated equipment. It is unfair to marginalize them and they need the connectivity the most.

Hoping for a more meaningful Internet future!


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