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1. Overview

Recording of the board meetings is handled via an IRC bot which is controlled by the secretary. The president chairs the meeting, so needs to be the one that issues the first "#startmeeting" command.

Documentation (commands, installation, etc) for the bot is available at: https://hcoop-meetbot.readthedocs.io/en/stable/

The MeetBot was written as a plugin for limnoria Python IRC bot, which is packaged and available in Debian GNU/Linux. The source code for the MeetBot comes from https://github.com/pronovic/hcoop-meetbot (pronovic@ was previously a board member of the HCoop).

2. Technical details

libera.chat (which is the IRC network currently used to host the IrcChannel) requires user registration so one was created for "hcoop-meetbot" and registered with the NickServ there with the email address of board@hcoop.net. Additionally, SASL is required by that network (details at https://libera.chat/guides/sasl ) so SASL PLAIN is used to authenticate the bot. Pleasantly, that's supported by limnoria (and was a motivating factor to upgrade from supybot, which does not support SASL).

Meeting logs are automatically recorded by the bot when using the "#startmeeting" command, and closed and summarized after "#endmeeting". The results are stored in /afs/hcoop.net/user/h/hc/hcoop/public_html/board/meetings with a directory (auto-created) by year. Those meetings can then be accessed via https://hcoop.net/board/meetings/ and linked from the relevant wiki page.

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