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MemberManual / TransferringFiles / OpenAFS / Generic

This is the chapter of the MemberManual that describes how to configure OpenAFS Client on a generic system.

Generic Configuration

If you are not asked for certain configuration details during installation, you may need to edit the configuration file manually.

In /etc/krb5.conf add the following information.

Under [realms]:

Setting a realm configuration may be optional. If it is left unset everything should work automatically.

        kdc = kerberos.hcoop.net
        admin_server = kerberos.hcoop.net

Under [domain_realm]:

        hcoop.net = HCOOP.NET
        .hcoop.net = HCOOP.NET

If you want HCoop to be your default realm, under [libdefaults] add:

        default_realm = HCOOP.NET

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