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Migration2009 / Financial

Finacial stuff ...

1. Initial Costs Incurred by Migration

1.1. Hardware

1.2. Colocation

2. Recouping Costs

Ideas for reducing the amount of time it takes us to repay the debt to members for migration.

2.1. Donations from Members

We should not expect to cover all migration costs via donations, but we can probably offset a portion of it with a few donations from members. More than a few hundred would appreciably reduce the amortized cost of migration.

2.1.1. Pledged Donations

Please place your hcoop username and an amount you are willing to donate toward migration expenses here.







2.2. Selling Peer1 Hardware

2.2.1. Informal eBay check

ClintonEbadi did an extremely cursory search for completed listings on eBay for the following terms and found the general resale prices of the stock versions of our hardware.

So, maybe $900-$1200 if we are lucky.

3. Insuring the Coop Against Disaster

If the migration fails for some reason HCoop would be pretty doomed. As such, we have to ensure that member balances can be repaid in the unlikely absolute worst case. To this end we should set a fixed timeline before we are either going to be migrated or abandon our migration setup.

3.1. Worst Case Pledges for Migration Costs

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