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OnSiteVisits / 20130627

1. People

2. Goals

3. Report

3.1. Status of the Cabinet

(These pictures have been resized somewhat, and are from ClintonEbadi's mediocre phone camera. A bit more detail is available if you view the image directly).

Front/Back of cabinet before we removed detritus and made a first pass at clearing cables:

Front of Cabinet, before Back of Cabinet, before

Front/Back of cabinet after we removed detritus and tried to clear the cable nest:

Front of Cabinet, after Back of Cabinet, after

Although the back of the rack might not look much better from this picture, it is actually significantly more accessible. A number of power and Ethernet cables were completely entangled and now every cable has a clear route. The main problem now is that all of our cables are 6+ feet long in a two foot tall space...

And a funeral for KrunkInfoz before being thrown onto the recycling pyre:

Drives removed from krunk Clinton hugs krunk goodbye

4. Plans