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OurHistory / ColocationPlansServiceProviders

1. Possible Colocation Service Providers

Currently, the Hcoop Inc. group planning the next server architecture is compiling a list of companies that we will contact with our quote request letter, detailed on the page ProspectiveHostsQuoteRequest. All members are invited to submit new companies to the pool that will be considered for hosting our next architecture by the deadline of April 14, 2006. You may also petition to remove hosting companies from consideration by that date.

In order to remove or add companies from consideration, you may modify the list of companies below. If for any reason you would prefer not to modify the wiki page, email JustinLeitgeb at justin@phq.org and he will modify the wiki page for you.

Also, JustinLeitgeb will be the default representative from the group to send out the quote requests, unless anyone else volunteers. If certain members would like to contact any of the hosting companies below, perhaps to maintain continuity of a relationship, add a comment stating this next to the name of the appropriate company below.

Once we begin to receive requests from the companies concerned, the results will be posted for member review on the page ServiceProvidersReview. The hcoop discussion email list will be mailed to indicate when results are ready for review as we lead up to a vote.

1.1. List of Providers we will send our Quote Request to

This is the list of providers, in alphabetical order, that we will send our quote request to, once the letter on ColocationPlans has been finalized. All will be contacted by JustinLeitgeb unless noted otherwise to the right of the company name.

Sat Apr 8 10:49:16 EDT 2006 Update: JustinLeitgeb sent quote requests to all of the organizations listed below, except for the one that NathanKennedy contacted previously. Please feel free to modify this list by the April 14 deadline, and any provider that is appended to the list will have a quote request sent to them. Otherwise, be patient for a few days and you will see the wiki page ColocationProvidersEvaluation populated with a summary of responses that we have received from the providers in contention for our colo needs.

  1. GAIA Host

  2. he.net Large colo provider with two? data centers and a solid reputation.

  3. InReach

  4. Peer1 Another large colo provider, with about 5 data centers. Perhaps slightly larger than he.net.

  5. The Seattle Community Colo Project, which is sponsored by riseup.net.

  6. Simpli (my personal favorite so far --AdamChlipala)

  7. Switch and Data has many carrier-neutral data centers in New York that I would like to check for pricing.

1.2. Service providers no longer in contention, unless members have valid reasons for including them in the pool

1.3. See Also

Pages that are related to this are ColocationPlans, which is the main page for discussion of the new architecture, and SystemArchitecturePlans, which provides details and diagrams on hardware and software configuration issues related to the new hcoop network.

Finally, OlderColocationProviderInfo holds page of historical interest based on previous inquiries. I would like to consider this page deprecated as rates may have changed since we initially contacted these companies.

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