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In late 2013 Google Checkout shut down permanently. This has left us with only Paypal as a payment option, and some members are unable to pay us using it (or do not wish to use Paypal). So, we need a new payment processor.

The current plan is to take all of the potential payment processors and call a vote of the membership, implementing the top two choices as soon as possible.

1. Goals

For reference, Paypal charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, and slightly more for payments originating in some countries

2. Candidates

List any payment processor you might want to support here. All options will be added to a poll, and the leading ones will be implemented.

2.1. Coinbase

The good:

The bad:

2.2. Stripe

The good:

The bad:

3. Non-Candidates

These payment processors are not going to work.

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