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1. PowerEdge 2850

HCoop has a Dell PowerEdge 2850 to use as it's new primary server. Specifications are detailed on the page HardwareDonations. There are certain steps that we still have to take before deploying, which are outlined on this page.

1.1. Equipment Needed

1.2. Configuration Steps

We need to decide on partitioning. Fyodor's model seems to have worked out well, let's put a new partition schema here which JustinLeitgeb will implement.

We also need to decide on filesystem tuning. I think that the stripe size in the RAID arrays should match the ext3 filesystem block size, but am not entirely sure. Ideas here?

We need to do final disk benchmarking and load testing, perhaps using log files from fyodor as the test cases. These can be run on a workstation on the same network as the PowerEdge while it is being configured.

Final OS, mail agent configurations, then bring data from fyodor (to be rsynch'ed one last time when the PowerEdge is online at he.net), and mail it off to CA.

1.3. Questions

1.4. Resources

There are lots of resources for configuring PowerEdge servers online.

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