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 * MemberManual/CustomDaemons: Might not be needed anymore thanks to MemberManual/RunningUnattendedCommands being so excellent, but perhaps some sort of example still needs to be added to {{{/usr/local/bin}}} on mire. After that, probably delete this page.

This is a listing of the pages that need some sort of attention. We do want to keep these pages around.

1. High priority

2. Medium priority

  • JoinUs: Explanation of how to join us, with mention that people will be put on a "to notify" list until we open shop again.

3. Low priority

  • OurHistory: Address on-page TODO items, mention recent history.

  • MemberManual/VersionControl: Describe the use of each version control system in its own subpage. Example: [:MemberManual/VersionControl/git:].

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