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   * As suggested on the page itself, I think we should just link to DomTool/UserGuide from MemberManual instead. --AdamChlipala
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 * ["MemberManual/Databases"]: This needs to be written by someone who is familiar with the use of database software on the new systems.
   * I'd like to see mentions of the commandline interface of both PostgreSQL and MySQL, and (if the portal is involved with database creation) a link to the portal with a description of its use w.r.t. databases. --MichaelOlson

This is a listing of the pages that need some sort of attention. We do want to keep these pages around.

1. High priority

2. Low priority

  • OurHistory: Address on-page TODO items, mention recent history.

  • MemberManual/VersionControl: Describe the use of each version control system in its own subpage. Example: [:MemberManual/VersionControl/git:].

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