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   * Provide more examples on ["DomTool/Examples"] and on MigrationTips    * Provide more examples on [[DomTool/Examples]] and on MigrationTips

This page describes the effort to bring the wiki up-to-date with respect to the new setup.

1. Context

The information on this wiki needs to be made accurate with the current setup (deleuze, mire, abulafia, etc.).

This involves:

  • Updating information on existing pages
  • Deleting pages that have no useful content
  • Make it easy for members to get up-to-speed on migration,
  • Making an HCoop "Member Manual", perhaps by using MemberManual for the start page, with chapters represented as subpages

  • Making a migration FAQ that answers all questions that members are likely to have during migration

2. Style guide

See StyleGuide.

3. Personnel

MichaelOlson is in charge of this effort.

If you want to help out with a particular page or topic, please indicate this below.


Pages / topics


Parts of Non-technical administrative stuff?


Basic account usage

4. Progress

We're done with the MemberManual, which was the main goal of the rewrite. The next step is to sift through the remaining pages, remove obsolete ones, and save historical ones.

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