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1. 2011 Board Statement

I have been an HCoop member since its inception. I am not a heavy user of its services. I have kept tabs on the sysadmin list and I have attended most IRC-based board meetings. See the bio below this section for my current commitments.

Here are key things that I would like to see changed/improved at HCoop:

2. Bio

After spending time studying at Butte Community College, near Chico, CA, I transferred to UC Davis.

I am a geology major but I have a heavy interest in GIS. I have one more quarter left at UC Davis. I will be in the field during a handful of weekends. I'm graduating in June, 2011.

In addition to editing and creating some content on this wiki, I have been one of the primary creators of Chico Wiki.

Personal Website: http://www.distortions.net Personal Blog: http://geo.distortions.net

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