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Richard Darst

If I did run for the board, the statement I would give is below. If I don't run for the board, look at it as "here's how I think hcoop should be".

I have been a HCoop member for about a year. I joined because I felt that something like hcoop would produce better and more reliable services than "rolling my own" would.

I am active in Debian-NYC and an organizer of the DebConf10 conference in New York City. My background working in working in these open source projects helps guide my thoughts on the co-op.

I think there should be a logical separation between admins and the board: specifics should be left to the admins to decide and work on, with the board setting overall policy goals and answering strategic questions the admins may have. Incidentally, I also think that complete overlap admins and board members is not the best situation, and would encourage non-admins to run for the board (by the way, from this standpoint, I'm not the best person to elect).

Some of my guiding principles are listed below:

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