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1. Details about the next HCoop Architecture

This page will serve as the blueprint for the architecture that HCoop is constructing right now, to be colocated at Peer 1.

1.1. Network Overview

The architecture for the next hcoop.net network involves three physical servers:

1.2. High-Level Architecture Description

The new HCoop architecture initially involves three servers; one for user shell logins, one for back-end services, and one for web service. Our goal is to build an architecture that serves us well based on our current needs, and can be expanded for increased capacity in the future with little effort.

Based on this, we should have one shell server that users edit and develop their web sites from. This will allow users to modify files on one web server in the present, and a cluster as we grow.

1.3. Design Goals

We should be able to plug new web servers into our architeture in the future in a manner that doesn't break our software systems. We may also want to think about doing the same thing with shell and file services.

1.4. Physical Network Layout

This section describes the HCoop physical network layout.

1.4.1. Physical Network Description

Gigabit switch, divided into VLAN for server inter-connections. LAN out to Peer 1.

1.4.2. Physical Network Diagram(s)

XXX add diagram here.

1.5. Software/System Layout

This deserves the separate page SoftwareArchitecturePlans.

1.5.1. Software/System Description

1.5.2. Software/System Diagram(s)

ColocationPlans is the main page for items related to the new architecture. ColocationPlansServiceProviders provides information about the service providers we are currently looking at.

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