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WebServicesAdmin / BugZilla

1. Source

Source tracks the 5.0 branch using git. Out of a desire to have a fully working bugzilla (graphs and whatnot are nice), all of the required and optional perl modules were installed using cpan under the source tree. This means the install is tied to running on servers running the same Debian release without killing the local cpan cache and reinstalling.

2. Web configuration

Bugzilla 4.x supports suexec, so we're using that and configuring it using domtool. An unfortunately side-effect is that all of the bits that would have been in a few .htaccess files is duplicated as domtool config. Make sure to keep it up to date!

3. Important Data

4. Old Install

BugZilla 3.x lives in /afs/hcoop.net/common/app/bugzilla/

5. Configuration

Edit /afs/hcoop.net/common/app/bugzilla/app/localconfig and commit any changes using git --git-dir=/afs/hcoop.net/common/app/bugzilla/git commit


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