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A WikiHomePage is your personal page on a WikiWikiWeb, where you can put information on how to contact you, your interests and skills, etc. It is the personal property of the owner (or whoever created it), so be careful when editing it.

When creating a WikiHomePage, place a link to CategoryHomepage on the bottom of the page.

Note that such pages are "owned" by the respective person and should not be edited by others, except to leave a message to that person. To do so, just append your message to the page, after four dashes like so:

1. Creating a Home Page

To create a home page for yourself:

On the next page, just click on Click here to create your personal home page now!.

Edit the page by adding your name at the top. Add your email address if you want other wiki users to be able to contact you directly. If you wish, you may add other personal information about yourself. Use the Preview or Check Spelling buttons to check your editing progress and then click the Save Changes button to save the page.