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I'm a post-bachelor biology/neurobiology student and faculty assistant to a medical professor in Boston.

I'm also an actively atheist Quaker (go figure).

When NathanKennedy suggested I run for the Board, my reaction was that I would be a great representative of the less-technically-skilled half of the HCoop membershipor perhaps more like the least-technically-skilled quintilebecause my technical skills are pretty limited. Which may be a valuable perspective to add to the Board, if the membership wants to see HCoop grow and become accessible to less-tech-savvy people, at least in so far as that's possible while maintaining the same or better quality of service and cost for the current members.

Beyond that, I have good project management skills, thanks to my most revered productivity guru David Allen. Most recently I've managed a large medical conference (110 attendees/50 faculty, taking place now, April 2-4), which so far has gone off without a hitch. I'm also pretty proud of If I told you.

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