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1. Current Budget

1.1. Current Accumulated Deficit (up to October)


2. Migration Expenses

2.1. Migration Cost Per Member

2.1.1. Colocation

2.1.2. Hardware

3. Dues Restructuring

3.1. Overview

3.2. Short Term Increase

All numbers involving new setup are pending known colocation cost.

Assuming 161 pledges

3.2.1. Deficit

October and November would run a deficit.

This becomes a total migration deficit of ~$2000 + ~$1029 + $136.30 = ~$3165

3.2.2. End Peer1 Dec 1

4. Numbers Look Better With New Members

Each new member joining before quarterly adjustment is paying 100% toward migration debt / expansion funding.

New members therefore essentially pay for the capacity expansion required to handle them.

5. Long Term Reduction

With 300 members:

This is feasible within a year given our new hardware.

6. Related Ideas

6.1. Join National Cooperatives Bank

A while ago we looked at leaving Wells Fargo and joining the NCB, but the discussion died with no resolution. Do we qualify to have a business account with NCB? If we do we might qualify for an interest bearing checking account.

I can't find anything to indicate that we wouldn't be eligible for a business account with the NCB. [http://www.ncb.coop/uploadedFiles/Applications_and_Forms/Commercial/Business%20Deposit%20Account%20Application.pdf] is the NCB application for a business deposit account. Interest-bearing checking accounts are available to nonprofits, but "some nonprofit organizations may not qualify." The website has phone numbers for banking and nonprofit specialists, as well as a general contact form.

6.2. Moving Member Deposits to an Interest Bearing Account

We could open an account for storing member deposits into a savings or similar type of account and perhaps make a small amount of interest. Member deposits tend to not be touched often (if needed only the lower 2/3 of the balance could be stored in the interest bearing account), and so would be ideal for storing this way. What are the rules for HCoop as a non-profit corporation with regard to interest? Do we have to disburse gained interest to member balances, or could it instead go into a general use fund?

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