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 * HCOOP's [http://hcoop.net/ front page].  * HCOOP's [[http://hcoop.net/|front page]].
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 * [https://members.hcoop.net/ The member portal]  * [[https://members.hcoop.net/|The member portal]]
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 * [http://hcoop.net/board/ Secretary's official records and information site]  * [[http://hcoop.net/board/|Secretary's official records and information site]]
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 * ["T-Shirt"]: help design and plan the new HCoop T-shirt  * [[T-Shirt]]: help design and plan the new HCoop T-shirt

hcoop Wiki

This is the Internet Hosting Cooperative's space for maintaining documentation on how our services work. Everyone, including both members and non-members, is invited to create and edit appropriate pages.

If you are new to wikis, see the DefaultFrontPage.


  • DomtoolTwo: The next generation configuration management tool for HCoop

  • FinancingIssues: Who is willing to pay how much, when, and for what

  • PaymentPlanProposals: Ideas about payment plans to cover HCoop costs

  • PaymentProcessing: Figure out how we should accept electronic payments.

  • ColocationPlans: Plans for our next server set-up, designed to handle more users than can fit comfortably on a single main server.

  • AdminPolicies: Draft set of formal guidelines governing the responsibilities of members tasked with administrative roles, technical and otherwise.

Getting started

Technical information

Basic account usage

Configuring shared daemons

Non-technical administrative stuff

System administration

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