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IrcMeetings / 20071118

1. Meta

Date: Sunday, November 18, 2007

Time: 19:00 UTC

Type: Admin-only

2. Agenda

2.1. Joining HCoop procedure

2.1.1. Initial ideas

/!\ NOTE: Outdated. Move on to the next section for the current instructions.

Re-opening membership requires a few more fine-tunings of our social processes. The following need to work, though they've not been tested in a while:

Once we figure this out, we can re-open membership.

2.1.2. What we decided on for the account creation process

2.2. DNS

Procedure proposed by Adam Megacz:

  1. Make sure NO DNS SERVER is running on deleuze or other (port 53 closed)
  2. Create ns5.hcoop.net and ns6.hcoop.net, point them at deleuze+other
  3. Add ns5.hcoop.net and ns6.hcoop.net to the root servers
  4. Wait 48 hours
  5. Simultaneously:
    • shut down tinydns on fyodor
    • shut down tinydns on krunk
    • start bind on deleuze
    • start bind on other
  6. Confirm that everything is happy; if not, revert #5
  7. Wait a week
  8. Remove ns[1-4].hcoop.net from the root servers

The important part about this is that every potentially problematic step (mostly #6) can be reverted instantaneously.

2.3. New Machine Readiness

Last migration things:

2.4. Bugzilla/email

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