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[[TableOfContents]] <<TableOfContents>>
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 * Go with [http://worldwidedns.net] for backup DNS?  * Go with [[http://worldwidedns.net]] for backup DNS?
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   * Bug: [https://bugzilla.hcoop.net/show_bug.cgi?id=168]    * Bug: [[https://bugzilla.hcoop.net/show_bug.cgi?id=168]]
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   * Bug: [https://bugzilla.hcoop.net/show_bug.cgi?id=176]    * Bug: [[https://bugzilla.hcoop.net/show_bug.cgi?id=176]]

1. Meta

Date: Sunday, November 18, 2007

Time: 19:00 UTC

Type: Admin-only

2. Agenda

2.1. Joining HCoop procedure

2.1.1. Initial ideas

/!\ NOTE: Outdated. Move on to the next section for the current instructions.

Re-opening membership requires a few more fine-tunings of our social processes. The following need to work, though they've not been tested in a while:

  • Prospective members apply on the web via SSL. They get to choose username.
  • They get a randomly-generated password. Save a copy to /var/lib/portal/passwords/$USER.

  • A majority of board members approve their applications.
  • They get an automated e-mail with instructions on what to do next.
  • They make a payment.
  • Their initial payment is processed.
  • An admin runs create-user $USER.

    • This gets password from /var/lib/portal/passwords/$USER and deletes the file.

    • Create .forward file? Would need to get their email address somehow, and whether they indicated that they want this on web form.
    • User should be automatically subscribed to hcoop-announce mailing list, in the case that they provided an email address.

Once we figure this out, we can re-open membership.

2.1.2. What we decided on for the account creation process

  • Someone applies via https://join.hcoop.net/

    • In case it wasn't obvious above, we're switching it to SSL. ;)

    • The portal generates a random password, stores it with the user's application, and shows it to him. He must remember it until the application process is over.
  • A majority of board members approve the application on the portal.
  • Some designated person clicks a button on the portal to approve the application.
  • The applicant pays via PayPal or Google Checkout

    • An admin receives an e-mail from that payment service saying that the payment has been received.
    • That admin uses a feature to be added to the portal, which matches a PayPal/Google Checkout e-mail address with an application.

    • That admin uses the portal to create the user.
      • The portal does as much as it can within its own database.
      • It also prints a single command-line something like this to be run on deleuze:

        magic-create-user-wrapper $USERNAME $REALNAME $EMAIL

        These all come from the application database. $EMAIL is optional. If present, it should be used to initialize the new member's ~/.forward file. The new user's password should be read from deleuze:/var/lib/portal/$USERNAME, and that file should be deleted after the account is created.

    • After this is done, the portal sends an e-mail to the new member linking to MemberManual/GettingStarted/AccountCreated.

    • The treasurer is Cc'd on that e-mail and adds the initial payment to the new member's financial history.

2.2. DNS

  • Go with http://worldwidedns.net for backup DNS?

    • Yes. MichaelOlson wants to go with the 5 zones plan (or if the plan can be changed at any time, start with two, and then add more as needed).

    • Post-meeting: Not now -- we will be using megacz.com until we can get an actual outside machine to run stuff on.

  • When do we want to migrate DNS for domain hcoop.net?

    • MichaelOlson thinks we should do this after forced migration ends, to minimize the possibility of member uncertainty while migrating.

    • Still discussing tinydns v. bind, over the preferred medium of email rather than IRC.
      • Post-meeting: Using tinydns for hcoop.net domain, bind for everything else.

Procedure proposed by Adam Megacz:

  1. Make sure NO DNS SERVER is running on deleuze or other (port 53 closed)
  2. Create ns5.hcoop.net and ns6.hcoop.net, point them at deleuze+other
  3. Add ns5.hcoop.net and ns6.hcoop.net to the root servers
  4. Wait 48 hours
  5. Simultaneously:
    • shut down tinydns on fyodor
    • shut down tinydns on krunk
    • start bind on deleuze
    • start bind on other
  6. Confirm that everything is happy; if not, revert #5
  7. Wait a week
  8. Remove ns[1-4].hcoop.net from the root servers

The important part about this is that every potentially problematic step (mostly #6) can be reverted instantaneously.

2.3. New Machine Readiness

Last migration things:

  • Exim auth. MichaelOlson will try to finish this off tonight.

    • Post-meeting: Done.

  • Jabber. Clinton starts on this on Monday.
    • Should not block migration -- can be done within the month.

2.4. Bugzilla/email

  • Need to remove admins AT hcoop.net from Cc: to avoid annoying duplicates.

    • Removed from all default settings now.
    • Admins should add themselves to whichever components they want notifications.
  • Send portal emails to addresses other than admins AT hcoop?

    • Needs aliases?
    • Making a new portal AT hcoop alias with just those interested in portal stuff.
      • Post-meeting: Done.

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