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Migration2009 / SoftwareSetup

1. Core Software Choices

1.1. Virtualization

Virtualization would allow us to avoid having to dedicate an entire physical machine to the KDC/AFS server. It would also allow us to snapshot and migrate VM instances between machines in the future if needed. OpenVZ at least allows VM images to be suspended, migrated to another physical machine, and resumed with no apparant interuption to userspace (aside from network connections and such potentially timing out). This kind of flexibility would make future expansion a lot less painful.

2. General Setup

2.1. Core Services Machine

2.2. User Services Machine

3. Actually Doing It

So then, let's get started

3.1. Force Password Change

3.2. Offline setup of new machines

After having the new machines shipped and getting the info we need from the datacenter.

3.3. Initial Setup at the colo

On the first day we have access to the datacenter RobinTempleton, ClintonEbadi, and SteveKillen (who will be joining immediately after migration completes -- for the initial racking he has offered his lifting ability for racking the heavy machines) will head out early and rack everything.

3.4. Migrating Users: Act I

Jabber can probably be swapped over at this point too (it is a quick 15 task and uses no resources -- it could just live in same container as IMAP).

3.5. Configuring Everything Else

3.6. Migrating Users: Act II

3.7. Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

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